The Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First COOL ART collection, one of the largest youth art collections in the country, contains remarkable artwork created by students during our TOHYF Artist-In-Residence workshops brought to Los Angeles County schools, community centers, juvenile halls, and probation camps.

Our COOL ART Lend/Lease Program offers hundreds of these professionally mounted oil and acrylic paintings, ceramic sculptures, mixed media, and drawings created by TOHYF students to brighten up any office, business, organization, home, or set. For a tax-deductible donation, we provide creative direction and free installation of a COOL ART mini-gallery that can be tailored towards a particular budget.

“There were so many pieces to choose from. This is a huge reservoir of artwork that needs exposure. Corporate offices around Los Angeles spend a lot of money on artwork, but this is an untapped source of spectacular pieces and there is a story behind each and every project. It’s powerful coming into an office like ours and seeing life through a child’s eyes.”

– Larry Kosmont, Managing Partner of Kosmont Companies and Renaissance Community Fund

If you are interested in bringing this unique program to your office or organization, please give us a call at (213) 384-6878.